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Through project "Science for Society" Aalborg University hosts various courses/events targeted PhD students, PhD graduates (until one year after obtaining the PhD degree), and postdocs at AAU who aim for a career outside academia.



  • Competence clarification –  learn to clarify and communicate your professional competences to a non-research context
  • "Pitch your PhD" – learn to present your research to future employers in a concise, engaging, and relevant way
  • Entrepreneurship – learn about the AAU Inkubator and matters that require special attention in establishing yourself as an entrepreneur
  • CV and cover letter workshops – get useful advices on your job seeking journey

To meet specific interests and demands, the course programmes are kept open for continuous adjustments or revisions.

The courses are not weighted by ECTS points.


Selected Previous events

11 September 2017: Value in research 

5 September 2017: Learn to pitch your research to employers outside academia

3 May 2017: Learn how to communicate your competences

28 March 2017: How to enter the Danish job market - for international PhD students and Postdocs 

27-28 February 2017: Conference on PhD career paths outside academia - Employability and entrepreneurship for young researchers 

16 November 2016: Competence clarification for PhDs and Postdocs

7 June 2016: Life outside academia


NB: Since this activity is part of a development project, and the project administration must document the effect of the project activities, we reserve the right to contact the participants by email at a later time.


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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding project "Science for Society" or our offers to PhDs and Postdocs.

Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist
2093 0223

Liv Holm Andersen
2119 4828

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