Science for Society PhD Conference – Impact on Society

Science for Society PhD Conference – Impact on Society

For PhD fellows and Postdocs at Aalborg University - we still have available seats with financial support!


16.11.2017 kl. 11.45 - 17.11.2017 kl. 13.00


Are you encouraged by the potential IMPACT of your research on society?

The EU Interreg project ”Science for Society” now launch a PhD conference, focusing on how to make IMPACT on society and industry.

From 16-17 November in Oslo, Norway, we welcome PhDs and Postdocs based in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway to keynote talks, workshops, PhD stories, corporate meetups and a unique industry fair; academics meeting industry.

In February 2017 about 200 PhDs and Postdocs participated in the first “Science for Society” PhD conference in Aalborg. See highlights here:


In November this year, our second conference will launch, this time with even higher goals and learning outcomes.

Science for Society is a learning program for PhDs and postdocs motivated by employability, value creation, and impact from academic work, and how to bridge this into society and industry.

At the conference you can:

  • Experience great researchers and a range of enthusiastic industry players from different fields.
  • Meet good research examples that made the shift from academic- to commercial value.
  • Challenge yourself in one of our workshops with the themes: Presentation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.
  • Talk to relevant industrial players at our industry fair.

On the hospitality side, there will be a formal reception in Oslo City Hall after the conference program on day 1, where the mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen, will greet the participants and invite to a mingling reception. There will also be a networking social dinner in the evening. Organizers for the event are Oslotech and University of Oslo. This is a free event, but conference registration is binding.

Detailed conference programme is available here!

Participation is free! Furthermore, project “Science for Society” at AAU provides financial support (a maximum of 1000 DKK) to the first 15 PhD fellows or Postdocs from AAU that sign up for the conference AND send an e-mail to Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist at 




Please contact Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist,




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EU Interreg project Science for Society. AAU Innovation – SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University) in cooperation with University of Oslo, OsloTech, Aarhus University, and Lund University


Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norge

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