Project cooperation


Cooperating with companies in your semester projects is a good way to gain network, experience and insight in Danish work culture.

The company might already have a clear idea of what they would like you or your project group to work on, or you may present your own ideas of a project. You are not part of the daily work place; however, you will have a contact person(s) at the company that gives you information. Always consult your study program coordinator or supervisor to ensure the academic relevance!


Project Cooperation Agreement

Project cooperation with a company is voluntary for (some) students at AAU. You or the company may wish to make the cooperation “official” with a Project Cooperation Agreement.


Confidentiality Agreement

The company with whom you collaborate may require that you sign a Confidentiality Agreement, regarding the company trade secrets. Also it may insure your rights to participate in your exam and publish your findings.

If you have questions concerning legal matters please ask your supervisor and he/she may ask the Contract Unit (Danish) at AAU if needed.


Where to find project cooperation

Find links and inspiration here