The Survey Unit develops and conducts various surveys such as:

  • Graduate surveys (Danish) which describe employment patterns of AAU graduates after completing their degrees and their assessments of the quality of the educations
  • External surveys (Danish) in cooperation with public and private companies, for example about highly educated labour or companies’ demand for students

The surveys are in Danish so use Google or get help from Danish friends.

Find the surveys at (Danish)


In the Survey Unit’s statistics on AAU graduates’ careers you can find:

  • figures and information from graduates and companies about the competences which companies request on the labour market
  • graduates’ job types after graduation
  • where the graduates find jobs in Denmark
  • the importance of internships, student jobs or project cooperation for the graduates.
  • work tasks, job titles, companies, etc. based on the graduates’ degrees


Use the surveys for inspiration

You can use the surveys for inspiration about what may be relevant to you regarding work areas, job titles, employment, etc., and which companies that have employed a highly educated person with your educational profile!


Based on Danish students

The graduate surveys are primarily based on Danish graduates as most international students leave Denmark shortly after graduation. We are not able to get their data as the CPR number they receive when they live in Denmark is a temporary number, and they disappear from our system. Therefore, remember to register in Aalborg University's alumni network when you graduate so that we can contact you regarding job offers and much more!