Annual conference

annual conference on entrepreneurship and the job market outside academia

From 2016-2018 three conferences on entrepreneurship and the job market outside academia will be held through the EU Interreg project “Science for Society”.  

The first one was held here in Aalborg in February 2017, the second one in Oslo by the project's Norwegian partners in November 2017 and the last one will be in Lund and hosted by the Swedish partners on 7-8 November 2018.  


CONFERENCE IN Oslo IN November 2017

The second Science for Society conference "Impact on Society" took place place in Oslo, Norway, in November 2017.


Article: Impact on Society Conference - a review.

Short video from the conference.

Inger Sandlie: Pre-conference video  

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen: Pre-conference video

Eirik Torheim: Pre-conference video


Conference in Aalborg in February 2017

The first Science for Society conference "PhD career paths outside academia – Employability and entrepreneurship for young researchers" took place in Aalborg, Denmark in February 2017 and was a huge succes with more than 150 participants. 


Poul Toft Frederiksen: What does it take for a PhD to succeed in an industrial environment? 

Omar Do Nascimento: From Academy, to Pharma, to Medtech, to… who know? 

Reimer Ivang: Ready for the long haul! 

Kathrine Myhre: Starting up within Medical Technology

Caroline Wigren: Entrepreneurship as gendered phenomenon.   

Short video from the conference.

Local TV news (TV2 Nord on 6 March 2017).


NB: Since this activity is part of a development project, and the project administration must document the effect of the project activities, we reserve the right to contact the participants by email at a later time.



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What participants said

about the Conference in February 2017

  • ”The conference gave me a good kick start to look for how to sell myself in the job market”

  • ”It helped me think more about how I can communicate my competencies to employers.”

  • “Great job organizing the event! Everything ran smoothly and the program was well planned. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Brilliant selection of speakers – was very balanced with academia, industry & entrepreneurs. Loved the gendered entrepreneur workshop!!! Great effort by team AAU.”

  • “Overall an interesting conference with good speakers.