From Ph.D. student to engineer in Vestas

From Ph.D. student to engineer in Vestas

Rui Wu, formerly a Ph.D. student at Aalborg University, had help from the Career Center with his job application to Vestas. He now works there as an engineer.

The Career Center at Aalborg University is dedicated to building bridges between the students and the business community. This is achieved through activities which strengthen the students’ knowledge about and connection to the Danish business community.

Rui Wu has noted that the guidance provided by the Career Center regarding his CV and cover letter was extremely useful for him. “I had been keeping an eye on Vestas for a long time, and then, when a position was made available, I contacted the Career Center to get help with formulating both a CV and a cover letter. This help was significant because the Career Center knows how Danish businesses look at and evaluate CVs,” he explains.

Moreover, the Career Center helped Rui Wu to prepare himself for the job interview’s first and second rounds and to answer the questions that followed in the prolongation of employment contracts.

“The Career Center also helped me with salary negotiations. I was not aware that the business could help me with residence permits for myself and my family, but AAU informed me of that as well. What the work culture is like in Denmark, and how we should find a place to live, were also things the Career Center prepared me for, so they have generally been a huge help for me.”

Rui Wu now lives together with his family in Aalborg, and he hopes that they will become properly integrated so that they can stay in Denmark.

“One good piece of advice I can give to others is that it is a good idea to learn Danish so you can more easily cope in Danish society.”

However, Rui also emphasizes that he has not had trouble building friendships or building professional contacts before learning Danish.


This article is from the folder “Værdien af fastholdelse af international studerende” from Danske Universiteter.

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