Science for Society aims to create more awareness among PhDs and Postdocs about the possibility of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. We organise free workshops and events on entrepreneurship, have close collaboration with the AAU Inkubator, and seek to inspire young researchers through stories of AAU PhD entrepreneurs.


Upcoming Entrepreneurship events

31 May - 1 June 2018: From Research to Business (PhD course - 2 ECTS)

19-21 Sep 2018: Social Entrepreneurship Seminar 2 (TBA)


Join the AAU Inkubator

Do you want to test your business idea and find out how to commercialize it? Do you want to meet like-minded people and talk to professionals? Then join our Inkubator ASAP!

The AAU Inkubator is a place where AAU startups can get an office space and receive support, training, and counseling by AAU business developers. Also, it is a place for learning and professional back-and-forth with the other startups residing there. Check out the AAU Inkubator to find more information on opening hours, contact info, and current Inkubator residents.

Furthermore, the AAU Inkubator is always looking for experts within various fields, who are interested in joining or collaborating with start-ups residing in the AAU Inkubator. Please contact Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist for more information.


Mentorship programme

If you are interested in joining our mentorship program and having a mentor who is him- or herself an entrepreneur, please contact Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist, and we will try our very best to create a match for you.​


Portraits of PhD Entrepreneurs

Reimer Ivang, PhD in International Business, Owner of Better World Fashion

Claus Skaaning, PhD in Computer Science, Serial Entrepreneur

Mads Lindholm, PhD in Psychology, Owner of WICE Consult (in Danish)

Lars Alminde, PhD in Space Technology, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at GomSpace

Sahra-Josephine Hjort, PhD in Communications, CEO and co-founder of CanopyLAB

Henrik John Andersen, PhD in Robot Technology, Managing Director of Inropa

Isak Worre Foged, PhD in Architecture, partner in AREA

Mette Blicher Folmer, PhD in Healing Architecture, Owner of FOLMER studio Aps 

Hammam Abdelaal Hammam Soliman, PhD in Energy Technology, Senior Sales and R&D Engineer at Aalborg CSP and CEO at ENENCO (TBA).  


​Selected previous events

15 May 2018: Social Entrepreneurship Seminar 1

14 May 2018: Startup Dating

18 April 2018: Meet PhD entrepreneurs and learn about the AAU Inkubator

12 March 2018: Entrepreneurial Talent - workshop 2

7 March 2018: Entrepreneurial Talent - workshop 1

12 February 2018: Meet an AAU entrepreneur and learn about the AAU Inkubator (AAU CPH)

16 November 2017: From AAU-CHP to Silicon Valley (Plus free start-up advice) 

16-17 November 2017: Science for Society Conference "Impact on Society"

23 November 2017: Women & Startups 

31 October 2017: StartUp funding possibilities - Innobooster - How to write the application

9 October 2017: Meet PhD entrepreneurs and learn about the AAU Inkubator

3 October 2017: Idea validation & testing (in Copenhagen)

3 October 2017: Pitching, funding & startups (in Aalborg)

11 September 2017: Value in Research Workshop (in Aarhus)

31 August 2017: AAU at Work - Iværksættergrill hos Debito (in Danish)


get in contact

If you have any questions regarding entrepreneurship as a PhD or Postdoc at AAU, please contact SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship Aalborg University) or Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist.




Please contact us if you have any questions regarding project "Science for Society" or our offers to PhDs and Postdocs.

Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist
2093 0223

Liv Holm Andersen
2119 4828

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