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About AAU career

As a student, you can get help to make the easiest possible transition from student life to working life at AAU Career.

You can participate in our career events, improve your knowledge of the Danish job market and how to search for a job in Denmark, book an career counselling session, or search for information in our publications and guides.

About AAU Career

AAU Career collaborates with:

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    Unemployment insurance funds

    The Danish word ‘A kasse’ is an abbreviation for ‘arbejdsløshedskasse’ which means unemployment insurance fund (UIF). When you join (become a member of) an UIF, you are guaranteed an amount of regular income if you become unemployed.

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    We cooperate with a number of UIFs which helps us stay up to date on employment. Our partners have a great deal of knowledge about the future job market - where there is need and where there will be need for skills and people. It is among other things this knowledge, on which we build our counselling.

    Collaboration with UIFs is a natural bridge building for what students will somehow come to meet after their life at AAU.


    AAU Career collaborates with the following unemployment insurance funds:

    Akademikernes A-kasse
    Akademikernes A-kasse


    CA Karrierepartner og A-kasse


    Magistrenes A-kasse
    Magistrenes A-kasse

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    Trade unions

    Trade unions are professional organisations that help its members with conditions of employment. This could be, for example, your employment contract, salary negotiation and working conditions.

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    We collaborate with a number of unions and benefit from their industry knowledge and knowledge of the labor market. They are important players in the transition between student life and work life, and they also focus on good student life, which is also valuable for AAU.

    We work with the same agenda: To help the students in employment.


    AAU Career collaborates with the following trade unions:

    Dansk Magisterforening
    Dansk Magisterforening






    Kommunikation og Sprog



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    Job centre

    If you are one of the many who do not already have a job when you graduate, you will get to know the Job Centre. Here, a consultant, in collaboration with you, will do everything to make your period as unemployed as short as possible.

    AAU Career collaborates with the Job Centre on various events, and they also contribute valuable knowledge about the labor market, employment numbers which is part of what we use as a background for our events, publications and other activities.

    Read about the job centre

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    student organisations

    At AAU, there is a wide variety of student organisations.

    AAU Career is very interested in collaborating with the student organisations on events for specific studies. If you are part of a student organisation that wants to hear more about collaboration with AAU Career, send us an email at karriere@aau.dk

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    AAU Alumni

    AAU Alumni is a network for master's students and graduates from AAU.

    AAU Career and AAU Alumni invite each other's target groups to their events.

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    AAU Student Entrepreneurship

    AAU Student Entrepreneurship has many entrepreneurship-related offers for students at AAU.

    Therefore, we work with them to make the students aware of the various opportunities - e.g. becoming an entrepreneur or getting an internship in a startup.

    Read about entrepreneurship

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