AAU Career

What's next when graduating?

Where can I get help if I am staying in Denmark when I have graduated? Where can I get help in Aalbrog, Copenhagen and Esbjerg?

Help after graduation

What do I need to be aware of if I don't have a job when I graduate? How does the job centre work, and how can it help me find a job?

job centre

Why is it a good idea to be a member of an unemployment insurance fund? How can it help me during and after my studies?

Unemployment insurance funds

How can I benefit from being a member of a trade union during and after my education, and which unions could be a great match for me?

Trade unions

How can I keep in touch with the university, participate in career events and access the latest research etc. after I graduate?

AAU Alumni

What are the different kinds of jobs that I can get, and what is the difference? What kind of job is right for me?

Types of employment

How do I negotiate my first salary as a recent graduate? What can I demand? What is negatiable? And who can help me?

Salary negotiation

What does the application process for graduate programmes include? And what does it mean to be employed as a graduate in a company?

Graduate programmes

Why can it be beneficial, as part of my job search, to explore the job opportunities in small and medium-sized companies?

Jobs in small and medium sized companies