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Help after graduation

Congratulations on your graduation!

Hopefully by now you know your city and the Danish culture well, you have some friends and maybe also some people who can help you on your professional path.

No matter if your job search has been your top priority during your studies or not, you might need help.

➡ Luckily, there are many places to get help after graduation. Let's look into them here.

Where can I go after graduation?

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    Where can I get help in Aalborg?


    International House North Denmark in Aalborg gives you and other internationals a great start in Aalborg.

    Moving to and settling in another country is not an easy process. Many practical issues can be difficult to manage when you do not know your way around, do not speak the language, and do not understand the local cultural norms. International House can help you navigate around these problems.

    International House’s main areas of assistance are job seeking, entrepreneurship, how to understand and experience Danish culture and leisure activity. Seminars are free and cover topics such as Danish Tax, languages courses etc.

    Everything you need as an international in North Denmark is gathered in International House. It’s a great place to start if you need a network or need help looking for a job.


    International House North Denmark

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    Where can I get help in Copenhagen?


    International House Copenhagen’s objective is to provide international citizens with the best possible start to life in Copenhagen by giving them the comfort of a one-point entry.

    When relocating there are a number of things to do; establishing a new network, finding out what the city has to offer and getting your family settled in. International House Copenhagen is ready to assist you with everything from paperwork to practicalities, ensuring things run smoothly from your very first day.


    International House Copenhagen

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    Where can I get help in Esbjerg?


    At Newcomer Service in Esbjerg you can find guidance on matters such as housing, spouse job search, finding a babysitter, Danish culture, leisure activities, social networks, how to establish new network groups, guidance on the digital signature called NemID, eboks etc.


    Newcomer Service esbjerg



    Esbjerg International Community is a group of citizens of many nationalities - both internationally minded Danes and foreign-born newcomers –, which organizes social events.


    Esbjerg International Community

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