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Job in small and medium-sized enterprises

SMEs - Small and medium-sized companies fills up a large amount of the Danish CVR register for registrered companies - especially in the private sector. But unfortunately, they do not fill the job applicants' consciousness as much.

➡ We highly recommend you to have a look at them when you're looking for a job - because there is a huge potential for new jobs! Here, we will give you a few tips and insights regarding the Danish SMEs.

Many opportunities in SMEs

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    What is a small and medium sized enterprise?

    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs – in Danish: SMV: Små og Mellemstore Virksomheder) employ a maximum of 250 employees.

    In Denmark, there are approx. 211,800 SMEs, and they employ approx. 764,000 people. Actually, 2 in 3 private workplaces are in SMEs.

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    Why am I to consider small and medium sized enterprises in my job search?

    It may be a good idea to look into alternatives even though you are most interested in some specific companies. There can be very good possibilities at SMEs that may match your wishes and competencies just as well, and you may find them just as exciting.

    SMEs can be a goldmine when it comes to project collaborations and job opportunities. Often, they will not spend many resources on recruitment processes and job advertisements, but they still need motivated and independent employees that thrive with responsibility and big variation in job tasks.

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    How do I apply for a job in a small and medium sized enterprise?

    When it comes to SMEs, a job opening will often be a result of an ongoing dialogue you have with the company, e.g. doing a project cooperation or having met with them at a company visit or a career fair.

    It is very important that you can explain to the employers what you have done and how you did it.

    To find relevant companies within your field of interest, use a company database, and do a lot of research on the company afterwards. Then contact them with a presentation on how you can help them with their business.

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    What help can I get in search of jobs in SMEs?

    Akademikerkampagnen (the Academic campaign)

    In Denmark, a rather big focus is on academic graduates finding jobs in SMEs. Therefore, if you speak Danish, Akademikerkampagnen have different offers than can help you in your search, once you’re graduated.


    Read about Akademikerkampagnen


    Subsidised jobs in SMEs

    There are different opportunities in order to get a subsidised job in a SME in Denmark after graduation. This means that the company will receive a subsidy each month to pay you, and you will still receive a full salary. These subsidy schemes exist in order to make companies more aware of the potential of hiring academics and to develop new areas of business.


    Read about these programmes at Innovationsfonden

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