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AAU in a career perspective

Considering AAU? We are happy to hear that!

You have probably researched the different courses that you are contemplating a lot already. But you might be thinking ”what about the career perspectives?” We’ll give you some pointers here.

The thing is, employers really like the way we do thing as AAU. At AAU, you have plenty of opportunities to work together with companies and acquire competencies and experiences that are extremely valuable in the long run.

And then you will have AAU career ready to help you when you for instance have to look for a student job – or when you are doubting what skills you actually have – or when you are about to graduate and have to begin looking for a job.

Of course, there are a lot of other good reasons why you should choose to study at AAU. So do a little research. And remember, it is not necessarily the job you will be able to get afterwards that should define your choice of education; first of all, you have to find it exciting and interesting.

We hope to see you!

The Aalborg model and ”real life skills”

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    Project collaboration: You get to work with things that interests you

    At AAU, you get to work with the things that interests you the most. Just as long as the topic is within the scope of the curriculum.

    You will have to do project work on a regular basis, where you (and your group mates) have to work out a ”problem” that you would like to work with. This gives you the opportunity to work with something that truly interests you and makes you wonder. You will also become top-notch at formulating those questions that creates the right conditions for working with the problem within your project. Now, that is something your future employer will like!

    Read about project collaboration

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    Internship and project collaboration: Use your knowledge in practice

    There will, of course, also be modules consisting of lectures and other study activities which provides you with an academic foundation and know-how.

    You will often get to use the knowledge you have and accumulate throughout your studies in a practical setting such as an internship (which we call ”project-oriented course” at AAU) and through collaborations with companies or organisations during project work.

    Project collaboration and practical experience in particular is of top priority when you for example have to find your first job. This is something we often see.

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What are the demands on the job market?

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    You get useful skills at AAU

    You will get the opportunity to develop many skills that are useful, not only at AAU, but also out in ”the real world”. At AAU you’ll get skills that employers are looking for!

    Read about competencies

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    Flair for working with projects

    At AAU, you get to work in the same way as you will have to when you enter the job market. The method of project based work and the ”steps” it involves is also how most work in ”the real world” is structured:

    • Identify a problem
    • Process the problem
    • Communicate the results

    … perhaps your project even includes a step of ”implementation”, if it has been done in cooperation with a company. Then your project is really put to use! And then it is even more like on the job market!

    Read about how problembased learning is a competency

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    ”Proactive” and ” independent”

    The ability to delimit and process a problem is something many employers are looking for.

    ”Proactive” and ”independent” are also words that you will often see in a job ad – they are easily classified as buzz-words – however, the skills contained in the words are important to have.

    Employers are looking for candidates, who can identify and treat problems themselves, and who are able to deal with the changes that sometimes are a condition on the job.

    The way we work at AAU provides you with the opportunity to practise these skills.

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    ”Team player”

    ”Team player” is also a word you will often find in job ads.

     At AAU, you have the opportunity to make yourself (and your fellow students) good team players.

    You can do it through:

    • Group work
    • Giving each other good and constructive feedback
    • Challenging each other professionally

    All of these are skills that you will practise and improve over time during your studies. And then you will be in a strong position to confront your future employers.

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    Insights into the job market

    When you cooperate in different ways with for instance companies and organisations throughout your studies, you will get a sneak peek into the job market.

    When you understand how a company works, you will also be able to better identify and understand the challenges that a company might be facing. In this way, you will also be able to see, how you could help the company using your skill set and academic competences.

You will get help with student job, internship and career

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    You are not alone – AAU Career is here to assist you

    Throughout your time at AAU, you can always seek advice and guidance about anything career related at AAU Career. We are here to help you in the process.

    Read about AAU Career

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    Career events

    From 1st to 10th semester, you can attend all the career seminars and workshops you wish.

    There are events about e.g.:

    • LinkedIn
    • How to apply for internship in Denmark
    • How to find a student job in Denmark

    See the events

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    Career counselling sessions

    Furthermore, you can, also from first through tenth semester, book a one-to-one counselling session at AAU Career.

    Here we can give you guidance in relation to:

    • Cv and application
    • Internship
    • Student job
    • Your academic and personal competencies
    • The job market and different industries
    • Your qualifications as newly graduated

    Remember that career counselling for students at Aalborg University is completely free of charge – we are here to help you make the most of your career.

    Read about career counselling at AAU

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    Meet companies at the Career Fairs

    You will have plenty of chances to meet companies, for example at all the different career events and student job and internship fairs.

    No matter what semester you are on, you can attend the Career Fair in Aalborg or the Career Days in Copenhagen.

    Here, you will meet companies and organisations who are looking for students.

    You can find:

    • Student jobs
    • Internships
    • Project collaborations
    • Your first job

    It can be a little nerve-racking to go to a fair like that, but at AAU Career we do our best to prepare you well so that you can make the most of the fair.

    Read about career fairs

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    Tools and guides for your career and job search

    You will be in a strong position when you graduate from AAU, if you have spent your time focusing on your learning. What have you learned and how can you apply it? AAU Career provides you with a lot of tools to work on that.

    You can also find different guides for e.g. application, cv and LinkedIn.

    Our website is stuffed with information just for you. Feel free to use it throughout time at AAU! And remember that you are always welcome to book a career counselling session, if you need to talk about it.

    Find our job search guides

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    AAU Jobbank – student jobs, internships, etc.

    AAU Jobbank is a jobsite for students and graduates from AAU.

    Here you can find posts for:

    • Student jobs
    • Internships
    • Project collaborations
    • Volunteer work
    • Full-time jobs

    You can also create a personal profile and personalise the job bank, so that it fits to your field, competencies and job interests.

    It is also possible to sign up for job alerts, so you will receive relevant job offers directly in your inbox as soon as they are posted.

    AAU Jobbank