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As an AAU student, AAU Career offers you career counselling about anything that has to do with your career.

It can be about very specific questions, as well as more abstract ones.

Booking a session is free of charge for all students at AAU.

Career counselling - what and how?

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    What topics can I get help within?

    We guide you on everything related to your growing career and first job.

    Maybe you just have a single question - or maybe you're totally high and dry, and in dobut about what you really want . Either way, we're here for you.

    For example, you can get:

    • Knowledge of the Danish labor market
    • Feedback on application and CV adjusted for the Danish employers
    • Good advice on LinkedIn, AAU Jobbank and other digital platforms
    • Guidance on internships and student jobs in Denmark
    • Knowledge of what types of jobs you can apply for
    • Knowledge of what you as a new graduate can offer
    • Guidance on the benefits and challenges of having a multicultural background
    • Answers to general questions about unemployment insurance funds and unions
    • Help to identify your professional and personal skills

    A couselling session takes up to 45 minutes.

    You are welcome to book more than one session during your time at AAU. This could be, e.g., if you would like feedback on the changes you have made in your CV after your last session, or if you need to discuss new topics.

    However, we always encourage you to prepare well before you book a career counselling session. On our website you can find the answers to a lot of your questions - e.g. about internship, student job, CV, application, work permit, and Danish culture.

    The more you research and prepare before the session, the more you will benefit from the session!

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    What can I expect from my career counselling session?

    An individual career counselling session is a relaxed and confidential chat about the career and job search related questions that fill up for you. Our goal is to help you well on your way forward, and the conversation will give you an idea of ​​what your next step could be.

    The career counsellors do not know your education and personal profile thoroughly - in that field you are the expert. But we know a lot of useful tools and methods, and we know a lot about the job market. Furthermore, we have talked to a lot of students over the years, so we also know what many students have succeeded doing.

    We do not have any jobs or company contacts ready for you but we will help you find out where to look and what to do.

    We can not necessarily give you clear answers or tell you exactly what to do - but we can:

    • Be your sparring partner
    • Help you see things from multiple sides
    • Inspire yourself on how you can move forward on your own

    Often it helps to talk to an independent person who sees things from a slightly different perspective. In the talk, many students become wiser about themselves and what they want. Often you actually sit down with the answers to your questions yourself!

    We help you to be able to help yourself.

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    Individual career counselling - how do I book a session?

    You have the opportunity to book a face-to-face guide in Aalborg and in Copenhagen.

    • Write the topic of the career counselling session
    • Attach the material we need to work with (e.g. job ad, application and cv)
    • You can book an appointment up to 3 days before
    • You have the option to cancel or change your appointment - but do it well in advance

    A session takes up to 45 minutes.

    Book a session in Aalborg

    Book a session in Copenhagen


    What about Esbjerg?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer face-to-face career counselling in Esbjerg, but we would very much like to help you in an online session!

    Book an online session with a counsellor in Aalborg - see below.

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    Online career counselling - how do I book a session?

    If you do not have the opportunity to meet physically in Aalborg or Copenhagen, you can book an online session instead.

    Online career counselling takes place on an online platform - e.g. Skype, Teams, or Zoom.


    Here's how you do it:

    1. Book an online session in the booking system - use one of the links below.
    2. Before the meeting you will receive a calendar invitation with a link to the meeting.
    3. In the invitation you will see what platform will be applied.
    4. You can open the link in the programme itself or in a browser. Having the programme installed is not a prerequisite - however, it often works better if it is.
    5. Please check the link well in advance to make sure your microphone and camera work. You may need to install a plugin.


    If it does not work, you may try:

    1. Check if your internet connection is working and has a reasonable speed. If necessary, try this tool (in Danish) to check your speed.
    2. Preferably use internet via cable. Wifi can also work, but if possible please avoid internet sharing over the phone.
    3. Check if your browser has been updated to the latest version.
    4. Try another browser.

    A session takes up to 45 minutes.


    Book an online session with a counsellor from Aalborg


    Book an online session with a counsellor from Copenhagen

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    Group career counselling - how do we book a session?

    If you and e.g. your friendswho have the same career-related questions, a group counselling session may be helpful. It could be regarding general topics such as CV, LinkedIn or internship search. If your considerations are more personal, we recommend an individual career counselling session.

    You can learn a lot from hearing each other's questions and considerations, and a group session can therefore help to inspire you, for example, in the work with your CV.

    A group tutorial is for 2 - 7 people, and you do not have to be in a project group, in the same study programme, or on the same semester.

    A group career counselling session can take many forms - e.g.:

    • Possibly with your project group
    • Maybe with one or more from the same study programme - or maybe another programme
    • Among other things, with some people from the same semester - or from other semesters

    A group session usually takes up to 45 minutes.


    Book an online session with a counsellor from Aalborg


    Book an online session with a counsellor from Copenhagen

Other counselling offers for you

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    I am a PhD student - can I get career counselling?

    At the PhD schools at AAU you can find knowledge and guides especially for you if you are a PhD or postdoc who considers getting a job outside of the university. They also offer you career counselling.

    Read about the possibilities on AAU's career page for PhD students

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    Is it student guidance that I need?

    If it is student guidance instead of career counselling, you should contact AAU Student Guidance.

    It could be regarding topics such as:

    • Well-being and doubt about your study
    • Choice of education or change of program
    • Leave of absence or maternity leave
    • Study skills
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    Who can help me if I am not a student at AAU?

    If you are not a student at AAU, you can check to see if your union or unemployment insurance fund has career guidance offers.

    If your are in Northern Jutland, International House has many activities for you as an international citizen - e.g. counselling, networking events, spouse programs, social events, etc.

Counsellors in Aalborg

André Bjørn Ørum

Tlf. 9940 2444

Christian Friis-Nielsen

Tlf. 9940 9413

Lotte Burholt Pedersen

Tlf. 9940 7448

Thomas Dyrmann Winkel

Tlf. 9940 7392

Line Randa

Tlf. 9940 7403

Trine Nordal Borglum

Tlf. 9940 2442

Counsellors in Copenhagen

Heidi Ås

Tlf. 9356 2461

Mikkel Dahlbæk Sigurdsson

Tlf. 9940 3751

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