AAU Career

AAU Career E-learning

You can find AAU Career’s E-learning course on Moodle.

The course will take your hand and guide you all the way. It will help you get started on your career.

In your own pace and through the stages you find suiting, you can become more knowledgeable on the steps you can and sometimes have to take – from the initiate steps of identifying what you even want to do to your first day at work.

What can I learn from AAU Career E-learning?

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    What does it take to complete the course?

    The course will take you through all the themes you have to go through when working with your career. We have made it as easy for you as possible. “All” you have to do is to follow the guided tour we have planned for you.

    The course contains both great knowledge and exercises where you develop your own knowledge.

    You can jump as much around as you like to – but we recommend that you complete the whole course. Then, the pieces of the jigsaw will make a meaningful and complete picture.

    Making things “as easy as possible” is, unfortunately, not easy per se. You have to do the work. What we have done is to structure the course and chop it into edible bites that make it easier to manage. When you have done the work, you will be able to take action and get started with “careering”.

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    Who can take the course?

    All students at AAU with a valid AAU-login can attend the course.

    When graduating, you will be able to attend up to 3 months after your final exam. That is when your login expires.

    You will find the e-learning course via Moodle

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    Part 1: Your career profile – What will I learn here?

    This part contains 5 main topics:

    1. Introduction
      What is a career? Moreover, what is it to you?
    2. Your competencies
      What is a competency? And how do you put them into words?
    3. Your values and motivation
      What are you passionate about? What are your personal strengths?
    4. Your career profile
      How to create a good (online) profile
    5. Danish working culture
      Living, studying, and working in Denmark
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    Part 2: Your career plan – What will I learn here?

    Be aware: Part 2 is still in development. We do our best to release it as fast as possible!


    This part contains 2 topics:

    1. Your career possiblities
      How do you read a job ad? Where can I find the ”hidden” jobs?
    2. Your career plan
      How do I make a good CV, application, and LinkedIn profile?

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