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Global Growth Agent

become a Global Growth Agent and boost your career in north Denmark

For international students at Aalborg University in Aalborg

The Global Growth Agents programme is an initiative that aims its focus towards linking the international students residing in the region.

We know that several companies in Northern Denmark demand specialized labor and labor to support business activities abroad. Unfortunately, many of the international students leave Denmark when their studies end. Therefore, the Global Growth Agents programme get international students linked up with the North Danish labor market.

The project foresees the establishment of three groups of 28 Global Growth Agents over the course of 3 years 2016-2018.


Who can apply?

To join the GGA Program, you must be an International full-time master’s degree student at Aalborg University, campus Aalborg, or an international full-time Academy Profession or Bachelor’s degree student at University College Nordjylland. We are looking for members who believe that Denmark’s Northern Region is a unique and attractive study and work destination. 

NB: You cannot be part of the Young Professionals in Denmark programme at the same time. Young Professionals in Denmark is an international network, whereas Global Growth Agent is more local - however, you meet local companies in both programmes.


top reasons to join

The Global Growth Agents will have the chance to participate in seminars, workshops, courses and meetings related to the program. All these activities are developed with the purpose to strengthen the Agent’s competences. In this sense, there are different outcomes for the different initiatives taking place during program program.

While the GGA’s participate in the activities, they are expected to:

  • Increase the prospect of finding a job in Denmark
  • Motivate and learn more Danish – both in language school and alone
  • Understand Danish culture, traditions and the rules and norms at a workplace, in order to “fit in” and adapt the work habits to complement the Danish way of working.
  • Increase the chances of networking and bonding between agents and companies, leads to a greater skills in the areas of public speaking and the ‘elevator pitch’.
  • Obtain experience which is respected by employers
  • Gain a network of young professionals
  • Achieve an innovative mindset  


How long will i be part of the programme?

If selected, you can expect to be enrolled in the GGA Programme for a 2-year period.


How do I apply?

The program is closed for applications untill a new recruitment period will take place around November 2019.

You can apply and read more about the Global Growth Agent by visiting the program’s webpage ihnd.dk/gga