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Some places where you can find inspiration

  • Business partners at Aalborg University - these partners are very much eager to get in close contact with all students from AAU. Some of these are placed in or around Aalborg
  • Work In Denmark - the official Danish website for international recruitment
  • Career events - strengthen your possibilities in your job search and learn how to apply for jobs
  • Ask student secretaries, teachers, and professors – be polite and energetic in order to show that you want to work and use your academic skills
  • Get a mentor - e.g. through AAU Alumni. A mentor can help you get to know the Danish labour market. As a student it is a great opportunity to get connected with an experienced company representative.
  • AIESEC - a student organization that helps international students getting network etc.
  • Erhverv Norddanmark (Danish) and Væksthus Nordjylland (Danish) - find inspiration about what goes on in Northern Jutland in terms of businesses.
  • The Gazelles (Danish) - these companies are growing and often looking for new possibilities for growth.
  • Your embassy - ask if the embassy knows of companies in the region of your choice that work together with companies from your home country. Use your interdisciplinary skills.
  • In the news – companies may have been mentioned as companies that launch new products, new markets or other successes where you can make them see that you can help them to make their success even bigger.
  • Network - 56% of all jobs are found through networks. Make sure to participate in conferences, career fairs, networks such as AAU Alumni, social events, be active in classes so your professor knows you - be strategic about your network!
  • AAU's graduate surveys (only in Danish) can give you names of companies where graduates are working now and this can be used as inspiration when looking for jobs


Unskilled jobs

  • Deliver newspapers Nordjyske: www.budzonen.dk (Danish)
  • Cleaning companies don’t always take non Danish speaking people due to ex. health risk if the employees cannot read the labels of the cleaning products. Contact the companies and ask.
  • You can also try the different bars in Jomfru Ane Gade. They might need someone to clean etc.
  • Hotels are often looking for employees for the reception, cleaning, kitchen etc.