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Become part of the AAU mentoring programme

Both former and current students at Aalborg University may take part in the AAU Alumni Mentoring Programme. The programme offers a unique opportunity for you to achieve academic and personal development while helping to bridge the gap between the University and the business community.

The duration of the AAU Alumni Mentoring programme is nine months, during the course of which you will meet with your mentor/mentee 5 to 7 times. Along the way, we will make sure to keep you up to date on the knowledge and tools necessary for acting as mentor/mentee; this information will be sent to you via email.

You can participate in the mentoring programme as a mentor or mentee, depending on whether you are an AAU graduate (alumnus/alumna) or student.

Each October marks the application deadline for mentees/the registration deadline for mentors, and the programme will begin in November.

as a mentee you may obtain the following:

  • Clarification of your career goals and a chance for you to kick-start your ensuing development process
  • Feedback on your personal, academic and professional skills and a chance to receive feedback on or develop business ideas
  • An employer’s view on your application and CV
  • An opportunity to expand your network

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