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Create a nice and application with Jofibo

Create a nice and application with Jofibo

AAU Career is collaborating with the CV and application portal Jofibo. This means that as a student at Aalborg University you have free access to a simple and user-friendly tool that makes it easy to set up a CV and an application in a clear and beautiful design.

Last modified: 20.06.2022

With the tool, you don’t need to think about design and the graphical setup but can focus on the content of your application materials. All AAU Careers' good advice on CVs and applications is also built into the guide found in the tool.

At Jofibo you will find a larger selection of different templates that you can freely choose from. You cannot edit the templates, as it is a part of the concept that it is simple and easy and that with a few clicks and a bit of text you can make a CV and an application that looks good.

You can share your CV with a link directly from the platform, which you can insert on SoMe profiles like LinkedIn and similar platforms, or you can download it in PDF and upload or send it wherever you want.

You can use Jofibo for free as long as you have an active AAU-email - in other words during your entire study period and 3 months after your last exam.

Create CV and application with Jofibo


Templates at Jofibo

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