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Get insider knowledge about Danish companies

Get insider knowledge about Danish companies

Ballisager's Recruitment Analysis gives you insight into what Danish companies are looking for and emphasising when hiring new employees.

Last modified: 12.10.2021

The recruitment analysis 2021 has just been published with fresh figures directly from the companies.

Be aware that the analysis is in Danish. Therefore, use e.g. Google Translate when you look into it.


You can e.g. use the Recruitment Analysis to:

  • Find out what companies prioritise and emphasise when hiring
  • Customise your unsolicited job search, LinkedIn, etc., so that you spend your time and effort in the areas where you get the most out of it
  • Become aware of your behaviour at the job interview


This year, the Recruitment Analysis has focused on:

  • Popular recruitment channels
  • Attractive competencies in the future
  • LinkedIn in the recruitment process


3 selected conclusions in the Recruitment Analysis 2021:

Is it possible to get a job in Denmark if one only speaks English? Companies that respond "yes": 72 %


The company’s advice to English speaking jobseekers: Learn Danish at a language school - There ARE English-speaking employers – intensify your job search


Most used recruitment channels: 79 % posted – 58 % LinkedIn – 54 % network


About the background for the analysis:

The questionnaire, which forms the basis for the Recruitment Analysis 2021, was sent to 2251 Danish companies in May 2021. 1055 companies have answered, so the response rate is 47%.

70.8% of the answers come from private companies.


See Ballisager's full recruitment analysis 2021

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