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The importance of soft skills in your job search

The importance of soft skills in your job search

You surely asked yourself at least once if adding soft skills in your CV is a good idea. The answer is yes, you should! Employers are always looking for people who have many soft skills which can be applied at the workplace.

Last modified: 05.07.2022

Skills such as commitment, curiosity, energetic, critical thinking, and teamwork spirit are personal attributes which are hard to develop in comparison to professional experience which you acquire over time. Soft skills are attributes that are present within us, and their intensity differs. With AAU’s PBL way of studying where you are part of a project group where you experience and practice various roles, and you will actually reflect the reality which you will meet in a company.

Various research studies including IBM’s artificial intelligence system analysis show that soft skills are rated as priority for employees, which means that soft skills play an important role in career development.

These personal traits are your main asset, and it’s important to highlight them as employers are looking for employees that can easily interact with co-workers, customers, and managers as they translate into passion, job performance and can brighten career opportunities. Soft skills are not a replacement for your professional competencies, however, you can always ask how an IT system works, but it is the way you think and act that gives highest value.

Make sure to practice how you give examples of situations where you show e.g. curiosity or teamwork – this will make you stand out when you are conscious of your soft skills.

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