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5 ways to transform experiences from the Careers Fair to actual career opportunities

5 ways to transform experiences from the Careers Fair to actual career opportunities

The Careers Fair is over. You have talked to a lot of companies and obtained inspiration for new career opportunities. You have experienced great conversations, extended your professional network, and received contact information on a variety of interesting companies. However, it can be difficult to overcome how to transform the many experiences from the Careers Fair to actual career opportunities. In the following, AAU Career shares 5 pieces of advice on how to follow up on the experiences from the Careers Fair.

1. Follow up on the good conversations

It is great to have experienced some good conversations at the Careers Fair. However, in order to transform these into actual results, you have to put in some work after the fair.

Note that many company representatives are participating in several fairs in the days after the Careers Fair in Aalborg. Therefore, wait a couple of days before calling or emailing them. Here, we recommend you to thank them for a pleasant conversation at the fair, remind them you were the one who had the awesome idea for their company, and state that you are very interested in meeting up to talk about future opportunities for collaboration or job.


2. Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is increasingly used as a tool for recruitment in Danish companies. Therefore, it is a great place to be.

Make sure that your profile is clear and updated – and in English or even Danish, if possible. Your profile text should clearly state what you can provide and what you are seeking. Also, remember not to merely list the titles of your educations, previous jobs, and projects – elaborate, through examples, what your competences actually mean when solving work-related tasks.

When your LinkedIn profile is ready, connect with the company representatives you met at the fair, as soon as possible. LinkedIn provides a tool where you can write a personal message to the people, you wish to add to your network – use this tool and remind them of your great conversation at the Careers Fair.


3. Use your encounter at the fair as a lever in your application

Several of the companies you met at the fair might have current job openings that are relevant to you. Therefore, use the conversation at the fair as a lever in your application.

For example, you can write about how this company stood out at the fair, and how you fit into the company’s culture and needs. You can also remind them that you identified the solution to a problem in the company.

The fact that you already have met and talked to company representatives can give you a head start in the big pile of applications they receive.


4. Reflect on your actions and opportunities

Before the fair, you might have had some expectations and goals for what you wanted to achieve by participating. Take some time to reflect on what you achieved and whether you reached your goals. Consider your successes and what you might have done differently in retrospect.

Also, think about whether the Careers Fair opened your eyes to new possibilities and ideas for your future career. Reflection and evaluation of your efforts are not merely creating a good starting point for when you participate in next year’s Careers Fair. It can also provide you with a guideline on how to act at other fairs, networking events, and conferences – it can even help you next time you are writing a job application or going to a job interview.


5. Be active and hold on to your network

After a successful Careers Fair, your primary task is to hold on to your new network. Be active on LinkedIn, and be outgoing, accommodating, and interest when contacting the companies. They are constantly looking for the right employee – make sure to clearly communicate why you are that person.