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Careers guidance provided me with the tools I needed

Careers guidance provided me with the tools I needed

Hjalte Dyrendom Christensen was looking for an internship for his 9th semester module. He found an interesting opening in jobbank.aau.dk, and then received assistance from the Careers Centre in preparing to apply for the internship.

Tools to move forward

I saw the advertisement for the internship with Ramboll Group engineers in the AAU Job Bank. I was ready to apply for the internship but needed some tools; that is why I booked an appointment with the Careers Centre. During the appointment, my application and CV were checked, and I received some good advice for my preparations for the job interview.

Somewhat of a cliché, but true

It may seem somewhat of a cliché, but the most important thing I learnt during the guidance appointment was that you need to be yourself and try to get a feel if this is the right company for you.  If this is not the case, it will probably not be a good experience for neither you nor the company.

Take a progressive stance

I would advise other AAU students who are also looking for a particular internship to do the following: find out why you want to work in this particular company and why this particular position is attractive to you – and make this clear in your application and during the interview. Make contact with the company. Call the contact person, and, if possible, use your network to acquire more knowledge of the company and the position you are applying for.



About Hjalte Dyrendom Christensen

Education: IT Management

Semester: 9th

Position and company: Internship at Ramboll Group