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Challenge yourself and look for opportunities while studying – What we experienced in China

Challenge yourself and look for opportunities while studying – What we experienced in China

Sometimes you should just go for it! Amalia and Ion are both studying MSc. in Control and Automation at AAU. They recently went on a two-week study programme in China, organised and hosted by Huawei. Amalia gives you insights into what they experienced and why you should go for it, too.

At the Winter PalaceA chance to go to China and to expand our knowledge

We found out about the “Seeds for the Future” Huawei’s CSR programme from the internal mailing system at AAU. The e-mail was presenting the chance to go to China for 2 weeks training in Telecommunications and Chinese Cultural Studies. In order to participate you had to send in a motivational letter and await the response.

We both applied individually and were accepted.

By the time we left for China, we found out that 8 other AAU students got accepted as well, and together we would represent Denmark in China.  In the same timeframe, 5 other groups from different countries were training along with us: Costa Rica, Croatia, Italy, Kenya, and The Philippines.

The programme was divided into two parts in two different cities, one week each: cultural activities such as Chinese language courses in Beijing and telecommunication training in 4G and 5G at Huawei’s HQ in Shenzhen.


At Huawei's HQ after one of the telecommunications training sessionCultural exchange: How to cook Danish risalamande in China

The programme finished with a graduation ceremony where we had to perform in front of a big audience.

As we were close to Christmas, we chose to cook “risalamande”, and sing “Nu’ det jul igen” – a traditional Danish Christmas song. For a recipe as simple as risalamande, finding the ingredients in China was troublesome and very expensive as dairy products are not part of the Chinese day-to-day meals. Everybody enjoyed the risalamande but the singing could have been improved!

Ion was also chosen to be one of the presenters at the ceremony in front of Chinese and Philippino diplomatic authorities so he was quite nervous.


At the Graduation Ceremony concluding the programmeUnique experiences with new friends

At the end of the trip, we got more than we expected:

  • A certificate for basic Chinese language
  • Training in telecommunications
  • State-of-the-art exhibition of Huawei’s solutions
  • Visits of main attractions in China: The Great Wall, Tianmen Square, the Winter Palace, the silk market, etc.
  • … And we made a lot of friends from different parts of the world we couldn’t have otherwise.

These kinds of experiences are unique and there is no better time to do them than when you are surrounded by colleagues with similar interests.


Stay competitive and check your AAU e-mail

While you can enjoy the cultural immersion activities, you should expect that the university timeline could get derailed. If you are conscious about it and inform your supervisor about the delay, then everything will work itself out.

In the end, I cannot recommend this programme enough to other students, but also any other types of competitions that give you the opportunity to expand your professional and cultural capital. Some great competitions happen here in Aalborg too. So, stay competitive and check your AAU e-mail!


About Amalia and Ion

Names: Amalia Cretu and Ion Sircu

Study programme: MSc. Control and Automation

Nationality: Romanian