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Daily life in corona days as a student at AAU

Daily life in corona days as a student at AAU

Taline who studies at AAU Esbjerg shares her new everyday life with you – both regarding classes, group work, and her student job.

How the classes work now

Due to corona virus, like to all of us, a lot changed in my routine. First, starting with the video classes that, I have to admit, have been surprisingly good, so far. All teachers are adapting their materials, sending us power points with recorded audios, or trying to use different apps to perform the classes, for example Skype for Business and Teams. I am using the AAU library more frequently and found out that they have more digital books than I thought so I can easily keep up with the studies.


Changes in my project and group work

Although with the project group, a few changes needed to be done since our project was based on laboratory experiments. Now we have to compare theory with simulation data, instead of experimental one.

And for that, we also faced a problem, because the software we need for simulations only works with the network from AAU. We had to find out other software that can help us achieve the same results, which has been good since now we are learning new tools to add on our CVs!


Student job challenges

Apart from the studies, I work as a student assistant and working from home also brought me new challenges.

At the beginning my company couldn’t give laptops to all workers, so I had to use my personal one, which wasn’t that practical nor helpful. After a while they put in disposal more laptops, so now it has been a lot easier but still, problems with access from websites and folders happen every day.

All this affects the productivity on a daily basis, but I am relying on the IT support that everything will be sorted it out at the end.


How to structure my day and use of digital tools

All these changes made me create new habits in order to do all tasks concerning studies, work and social life.

I have being trying to follow a schedule and have strict times for studies, work and leisure, like videogames, reading books and exercises. Despite that, working and studying from home are increasing my skills for being more digital. I started to use more frequently the One Note app to take notes during meetings from work and during classes. For the group project, a website called Wrike is helping my group and me quite a lot, since you can build a gantt chart to manage tasks, upload files to share articles and books that can be dynamically updated by all members.


About Taline Muniz

Study programme: Process Engineering and Combustion Technology, AAU Esbjerg

Semester: 8th semester

Student job: Total – Logistics and support to Operations Analysist

Nationality: Brasil