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Do you know your LinkedIn?

Do you know your LinkedIn?

4 key aspects to making the most out of LinkedIn – both in extent and quality.

On 12 September 2017 AAU Career gave both international and Danish students in Aalborg an insight into the professional networking website LinkedIn. The attendance and interest was great, and the students were presented to some of the more advanced tips for using LinkedIn as a valuable asset to their careers.


4 key aspects

Here are 4 key aspects to making the most out of the tool – both in extent and quality:

  1. Remember your profile has to match your real life. If people meet you at a job interview and don’t recognize your experience and merrits this creates disturbance.
  2. Personalize your invites. When inviting people into your network dare to personalize your invites. If you want somebody, you don’t know that well, to accept your invite make sure they know why and how you are connected.
  3. Always be relevant. If you don’t have anything relevant to share, don’t share anything.
  4. Consider your LinkedIn page your opportunity to write your own (true) story by putting emphasis on certain elements and experiences and toning down others.


The LinkedIn workshop is a recurring event at AAU in Aalborg. Find the upcoming career events