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How can we as international students help Danish companies?

How can we as international students help Danish companies?

We are Patrick (Operation and Innovation Management) and Hannah (International Marketing), two students at Aalborg University from different study programmes and educational backgrounds. Two things we have in common are our German nationality and the fact that we are both members or former members of the talent programme Young Professionals in Denmark. And these are the reasons why we spent the first week of April helping the exciting Aalborg-based tech startup Otiom with their fair stand in Germany.

Otiom has ambitious expansion goals and is therefore on its way to conquer the German market. Due to their focus on a sensitive industry (helping people with Dementia and their relatives) it is essential to be able to communicate with potential clients and customers in their native language and be culturally sensitive. In this way, people are more open to share their opinion on the product or voice doubts and concerns. We were not only able to utilize our cross-cultural and interpersonal, but also our academic skills. We both had customer contact in our previous internships and student jobs, which made it easier to sell the idea behind the product and its technology.

The YPD programme helped us in various ways. Firstly, as members of the YPD programme we were selected as potential candidates by our program coordinator. Furthermore, the workshops in how to make it to the job interview and presentation skills of the YPD programme helped us to prepare a good application, present ourselves in a professional way in the job interview, focus on what benefits we can bring to the company and reflect on our strengths and weaknesses.

Otiom was really satisfied with our performance after the fair. We talked about future collaboration possibilities and are following up on some tasks that developed during the fair and facilitate Otiom's entry into the German market. We have also expanded our network in Denmark by working with them. All in all, it was an exciting week with a lot of learning and networking opportunities for both the company and us.

Career counsellor Lotte Burholt Pedersen comments: “No matter if you are a part of the Young Professionals in Denmark program or if you are a student at AAU you can get valuable experience in a Danish company – however, it is your job to tell the company how they can benefit from your academic, personal AND cultural and language skills. You have lots to offer. Participating in events planned by AAU Career or your study program, international House etc. improves you understanding of yourself and Danish working culture”.