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International student at the Career Fair: How to show companies you are the right match!

International student at the Career Fair: How to show companies you are the right match!

Going to the Career Fair can be challenging, especially as an international student. But knowing how to turn it to your advantage will get you a long way. Below, you will find some insights into what the companies are looking for and how you can make them hire you.

Firstly, you should bear in mind that the companies you’ll meet at the Career Fair are there out of self-interest. They wish to get to know the bright minds of the future (that is you!). As Sarah from the company Bankdata puts it,

“We are experiencing an increase in the familiarity with Bankdata. More students have heard about is and there is an interest for both project collaborations, internships and job opportunities. The Careers Fair is a great way to get to know the students […]. We are extending our network, and previous fairs has led to employment of talented students.”  

So be interested, show that you are curious about their company and what type of jobs they might have to offer.


Why should we hire you?

This question has caused anxiety in job seekers everywhere. Luckily, you have an ace or two up your sleeve:

1: Cultural and linguistic differences is an advantage, not a problem.

Be sure to articulate the advantages of having someone on the team who speaks different languages and has another culture – could be the opportunity to enter new markets or bring in new perspectives. Companies with a diverse team can solve a wider range of issues and your way of doing things could lead to a potential increase in exports and innovation.

2: Living abroad takes skills

Just by living abroad and doing well you already demonstrate that you are independent, adaptable to change and comfortable in challenging situations. These skills can be transferred to a work-related situation and are usually wanted qualities. 

Another trick to remember is to keep the focus on the value you can bring to the company and not how good it will look on your cv or how much you need a job. Also, when telling about a specific skill you have, always remember to back it up with an example of how you’ve made use of the particular skill in the past; maybe you have reached a high number of potential customers with a campaign you did on social media, or perhaps you perfected a specific programming tool when you used it for your latest project.


With all these arguments you should be well equipped for the Careers Fair or other potential job interviews – remember that these are only suggestions and that you should try and find out what works best for you. And most importantly, enjoy the Career Fair and remember, that many will have a positive outcome of their efforts.


”There is a strong probability we will hire the two people who have applied for internships, so we are counting on it ending well for all parties” Line Steiner Kloppenborg, Walter Group

“Attending the Career Fair gives us a really good opportunity to get in touch with new, relevant profiles. In Aalborg especially, we met a lot of exciting IT-profiles who showed an interest in us” Pernille Hee, Sonlinc


Source: Karrieredagene