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International students have high priority at the Danish based company Trackunit

International students have high priority at the Danish based company Trackunit

Q&A with Antonia Chausheva, International Sales Coordinator at Trackunit: Bulgarian national Antonia Chausheva has been living and studying in Denmark for more than 4 years. During her bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing at University College of Northern Denmark, she became an intern at the Danish based company, Trackunit. This led to a permanent position as International Sales Coordinator at Trackunit. Last week, Antonia Chausheva met with AAU students at AAU Career’s event in Aalborg “Make it to the Job Interview” to talk about Trackunit and how to get a student job as an international student in Northern Denmark.

What does Trackunit do?

At Trackunit we do not just want to create the best telematics in the market. We are dedicated to challenging the status quo by creating services that connect the entire ecosystem within construction. Services that will change the future of construction. In other words, Trackunit delivers high tech in a low tech industry.

In 2015, Goldman Sachs and Gro Capital invested in the company which caused for fast growth in the past 2 years. The company has subsidiaries in UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and US. In the office in Northern Denmark alone, Trackunit has 16 student assistants from 8 different countries - 12 of them are studying at AAU.


What is your role at Trackunit?

I have a variety of tasks at my position at Trackunit. I provide support for sales managers in Europe, administrator of CRM System, organize main exhibitions in Europe and I am in contact with current and potential customers - mainly in South and Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, I am team leader for the Business Development Representatives, that is how we refer to our student assistants in the Sales Department, and I am in charge of the hiring process of these students. All the students in the Sales Department conduct market research to generate leads. After that the data is available for the relevant Sales Associates or Sales Managers in Europe.  


Why is it so important for Trackunit to hire international students?

The main reason is because we would like to address the potential customers in their native language. The students also possess knowledge and have cultural background that helps us tailor our approach to potential customers even more because they know their home country better than we do.

Personally, I also think it is also beneficial for our everyday work and internal environment as we are international company.


What should students do to get a student job at Trackunit? - Especially international students.

Without going into specific advice for applications and job interviews just yet, a good piece of advice for international students would be to go to various events, apply for mentor programmes, and in general be focused on networking. This helped a lot of the students to get in touch with Trackunit in the first place.


Which qualities do you look for in students when they apply?

There are three things, we consider when hiring new student assistants. The student’s background, the application process and how this person will fit into the Trackunit team. We never look at just one of these things but rather a combination of the three.

When it comes to the application process, I have some basic tips to consider when applying for a student job:


First of all, the timing is important. Send your application as soon as it is ready (of course within the deadline), during working hours, and preferably in the morning. It does not leave a good impression if the time stamp on the email says midnight before the deadline.

the email

Second, the writing style and content of the email should be considered in order to get noticed in a positive way. Describe briefly why you are interested in the job, and address the email to the person (or department) mentioned in the job ad.

Empty emails with no more than attachments of cover letter and CV is not a good way to start your application process.

the cv

Third, it is relevant to consider design, structure, and content when writing your CV.

The design helps making your CV memorable and catches the eye of the reader. The structure is important to make sure that the reader quickly can get a clear overview of your experience and professional profile. Make sure that the content is well considered and relevant for the job you are applying for.

The cover letter

Finally, in the cover letter, you need to describe why you are special - how do you stand out from everyone coming from the same educational background? Remember to show personality, include interests, and experience that stands out from the ordinary.

The interview

When you reach the interview process, be sure to show your personality. Always be honest and show willingness to learn.

It is also extremely useful to research the people you are meeting at the interview, in order to know what kind of persons you will meet. Do not forget that skills are one part of the story - personality is a completely different.

Finally, be prepared - know the company, its products, visions, and goals.


Are there any job openings for students at Trackunit?

At the moment, we are looking for a native Norwegian speaker in our team of student assistants in the Sales Department.

We do often post new openings at AAU Jobbank, since some of our student assistants are here for a short period of time, because they have to leave for internships. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep track of our job openings regularly. There might be the perfect student job available for international students soon.