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Internationals- kick-start your career in Denmark with confidence

Internationals- kick-start your career in Denmark with confidence

Do you know how to brand yourself towards a future employer - and what that entails?

When looking for internships, graduate programmes and jobs in Denmark, international students can get quite shy for not speaking the local language fluently. So much so that they may forget to tell the company how they can benefit from their personal, cultural, academic and foreign language skills.

Danish employers and industry are looking for highly qualified workforce, but it is often your personality and soft skills during the recruitment process which will tilt them towards you against the other skilled candidates with good grades or technical background.

Intercultural competence and motivation

Firstly, you have left your home country, challenged yourself and stepped out of your comfort zone while accommodating to a new culture. If you are still here, you may have dived into the Danish culture and are now highly motivated and driven. Also, coming from different cultures and backgrounds, international students often exhibit cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability.

Knowledge of international dimensions of your major field of study and your local market

In a globalized world companies have branches in different countries or are planning on expanding to new markets- possibly even your own home country. Argue that you know the ways of doing business and the local working culture. Moreover, you have a good comprehension of international dimensions of your major field of study. This enriches the company with your fresh perspective and insights.

Language skills

Don’t forget that you have a high level of academic English and can communicate effectively in another language and/or cross-culturally. Read here about AAU international students, Patrick and Hannah, and about their added value to an Aalborg based tech-company that decided to conquer the German market: https://www.careers.aau.dk/newslist/news/how-can-we-as-international-students-help-danish-companies-.cid405347

Personal competences

You have a lot to offer- be sure to know your personal competencies like enthusiasm, dedication and teamwork. Studying at Aalborg University and using a PBL model has certainly given you excellent collaborative and innovative skills. Identify your talents, values and define your aspirations.


Finally, one could not emphasize enough on developing your network. Reach out to your senior peers or professors from your field, ask relevant questions and make yourself known in your industry. Attend and be part of all university events that could have relevance for your future career. These include careers fair, company visits, AAU seminars, social events planned by International House North Denmark and by different organizations. Participating in these events will improve your understanding of Danish working culture and how you will fit into it.

For more concrete tips on how to search for jobs, please visit our page: https://www.careers.aau.dk/tips/