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My first month as a Graduate in Danish Crown

My first month as a Graduate in Danish Crown

It has now officially been one month that I started as a Business Graduate in Danish Crown and well, time flies when you are having fun, they say. Being in this Graduate Programme means that over a period of two years I will have three rotations in three different business units and functions, one being outside of Denmark and one in production. My first rotation is in Danish Crown Beef in the Business Development Department. One month in, it is time to draw some first conclusions.

Diverse tasks and learnings as a Graduate in Danish Crown

In my first week, I got to know the other graduates and the CEO, participated in interesting workshops and visited a factory and a farm. After this informative introduction week in the headquarters, my daily routine and tasks have finally started. My tasks are very diverse and can range from anything in between creating marketing material, researching health and safety regulations in German, conducting financial follow-ups, translating Spanish dairy advertisements, analyzing the success of new products, or supporting sustainability initiatives. This is of course challenging since no day is the same, however, it is at the same time also super exciting and it definitely never gets boring.

Therefore, so far one of my greatest learnings has been to plan my time flexibly depending on the priorities of incoming tasks. Another learning is that reaching out to colleagues for help or clarification is very important, especially in areas where expert knowledge is required. Proactively seeking information from colleagues is key to completing tasks successfully and can at the same time open doors for getting to know more people in such a big organization.


Both academic and personal competences are necessary as a graduate

In my job I use both my personal and academic competences. The combination of my background in Marketing and understanding of Finance helps me when creating marketing material or doing financial analyses. My language skills and experience from student jobs as a translator have been an advantage as well.

Last but not least, also interpersonal and networking skills are relevant in my position. It is necessary to talk to very different people from various nationalities and departments. Having an open and proactive mindset has helped me to communicate efficiently.


Why I would recommend to apply for a Graduate Programme

I cannot but recommend a graduate programme to everyone who is looking for a job with a steep learning curve, where you are at the same time being challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone. I have had a great start because I felt that my colleagues, managers, mentor and buddies all want me to succeed in what I do and are eager to teach me. I certainly cannot think of an environment with better development potentials and a greater support system. A few months ago, I would never have imagined that I would really be part of a Graduate Programme now, so the best advice I can give you is to give it a go and see how far you can get.


About Hannah Griesshammer

Nationality: German

Education: International Marketing, AAU in Aalborg

Year of graduation: 2019

Job: Graduate in Danish Crown, Business Development