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Open Entrepreneurship

Are YOU an ambitious researcher with a brillant idea? Do you have the desire and drive to turn your research into value for society? Are your curious on how entrepreneurship can improve your research? At the open entrepreneurship (OE) we aim to boost the commercialization of the ongoing research at the University. We want to turn world class research into world class spin out.

Open Entrepreneurship is a Danish initiative aiming to turn world-class research into world-class spin-outs. 
In Denmark, we have excellent and leading researchers, but how can their knowledge and efforts benefit the society? Studies have shown that matching research teams with experienced and external entrepreneurs creates more sustainable businesses. This commercialization catalyzes the research and knowledge into products or processes that generates value to the society.
We will capture the value through an action-oriented approach by connecting experienced entrepreneurs with researchers very early on to explore commercial and innovative opportunities. These can either be entrepreneurial (spinout or startup company) or intrapreneurial (within the university, company or organization).

This way, the research team has a much deeper understanding of their options, which helps the existing commercial ecosystem on the universities i.e. tech transfer units and business development units. By doing so, Open Entrepreneurship will expand and further develop the existing ecosystem into a technology commercialization community. All methods used in Open Entrepreneurship are research based and recognized.

Open Entrepreneurship is a collaborative initiative: Danish partner universities are Aalborg University, Aarhus University, IT University of Copenhagen & Technical University of Denmark. Californian UC Berkeley is the strategic partner. Together we utilize our extensive networks to build bridges between industry, universities, sectors and national borders. Open Entrepreneurship is powered by the Danish Industry Foundation. 

Read more about Open Entrepreneuship here or contact Business Unit Manager Gert Spender-Andersen (gsa@adm.aau.dk) from the Technology Transfer Office at Aalborg University.