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Petra strengthened her “people-skills” by volunteering

Petra strengthened her “people-skills” by volunteering

Petra Mihucz, now interning as a User Experience Architect at Senti.io, spent a lot of her time volunteering during her Master’s studies in Information Technology.

“Volunteering taught me a lot of things.”

“Being in INGA (International Network of Green Agents) - as a Green Agent taught me a lot about Aalborg and what sustainable initiatives are happening in the city. They gave me the opportunity to work with passionate and amazing people who thought me how to be dedicated to a field and how to work tirelessly on solving sustainable issues that seem without a solution. They basically taught me not to give up and that any problem has a solution.”

Petra had the opportunity to expand her network and improve her job-seeking skills through the Young Professionals in Denmark programme, but learning how to work more closely with others, while at the same time developing a stronger sense of her own abilities, she got from volunteering at AIESEC:

“The biggest thing I learned while volunteering in AIESEC was group and team work. I had not experienced working with so many international people before volunteering there. I also learned that people are different but that the human-ness in us is what helps us connect and understand each other. We are the same because we are human, no matter from what part of the world we come from.

I learned to be patient with people, and I learned that people have different reasons for behaving in specific ways and that I need to always find ways to communicate with people in order to be connected. I learned that people give you so much and you can also learn about yourself and be more self-conscious by helping people and solving something with other people. Also, I learned that putting the effort into solving a problem is always worth it.

Self-development and being self-conscious made more sense when I was connected with other people and when I worked with them. I also think I developed a lot of my social skills while being there with internationals and learning about other cultures, other ways of living and understanding the world.”

Even though the volunteer ‘jobs’ were not related to her academic field, Petra points out the valuable skills she gained; “I have learned how to be a more patient, independent and social person..”


Volunteer your way

Remember, that there is a ton of different possibilities when it comes to volunteering, and all of them can benefit you, both in your professional and in your personal life.

If you need inspiration on where to begin your volunteer experience, check out some of these sites: