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The Aalborg-model for problem-based learning and its career-relevance

The Aalborg-model for problem-based learning and its career-relevance

When you're studying at AAU, you'll become aqquainted with the AAU learning method ‘PBL’. PBL is short for ‘problem-based learning’ and in its essence it’s a method that gives you a lot of freedom and makes you able to work with ‘real’ problems in collaboration with companies and organisations – all in a group with your fellow students.

With great power comes great responsibility, though; so identifying an interesting problem (within the boundaries of the curriculum), deciding on your academic approach and carrying out what you have decided to do is all up to you – with support from your academic supervisor.

Taking responsibility for identifying problems and solving or providing a new perspective on them is something that might take a bit of time getting used to, but when you’ve cracked the code, it makes you able to apply academic abilities in new and creative ways!

That proactive way of approaching problems and issues is a very valuable skill when you’ve graduated and a specific competence which is embedded in your education from Aalborg University.

So, practice looking for ‘problems’ that can be approached by your study whereever you go; in the canteen, in the bus, at the library, watching the news or some cat video on YouTube - And have a great time dealing with the problembased learning during your time of study here at AAU!