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Tips for internship and job search during corona lockdown

Tips for internship and job search during corona lockdown

You are sitting at home, working hard by following online lectures and digital group work. Maybe you had already signed up to participate in some events, which could prepare you for your internship or job search. Now everything has been cancelled. What can you do instead?

Luckily, you can find lots of useful information online!

We have gathered some inspiration that you can look at when you have the time and feel like it. You can still do career related things while there is a lockdown.


1. Focus on your learning and make sure that you have a good home office

The most important thing is still your studies. View this period as a possibility to become absorbed in your field and be together with your fellow students in new ways online.

At the same time, it is important that you create a functional home office and try to have an optimal everyday such as sitting comfortably and support for your arms. Make sure to open the windows, your room needs airing etc.

Here are some tips:


2. Remember to take breaks

It is important that you take breaks. Work for 45 minutes and then take a break where you can do some practical things. Take a walk, get some fresh air and try to focus on something else.

You can for example listen to podcast such as:

You can also get free training from many youtube videos, apps etc. – there is no reason why are body should be shaped after your couch!


3. Talk to somebody

We love that we have Facetime, Skype, messenger, etc. where we can talk and see each other! Luckily, it is very easy to stay in touch with your family and friends. As you are studying in Denmark, you might have many concerns about your family and friends back home vice versa, so make sure to keep each other updated. You can also be even more social by playing online Trivial Pursuit, drink a digital morning coffee.

You might also have concerns about how to apply for an internship and how to go about your job search. Talk with others about this – remember that others might have similar concerns and it can be helpful to share your thoughts and experiences.

The career consultants at AAU Career have extra time to talk to you. You can book a meeting where we can talk about your questions and concerns in terms of your job search etc.


4. Participate in online career courses and watch videos, which can help you on your way

You can take this opportunity to supplement your education with tools, which can be useful while studying and in your future internship and job situation. Many unemployment benefit funds, unions, and Workindenmark have online courses in job search, excel, photoshop etc.

In some cases, you have to be a student member in order to participate, and in other cases, it is available for free. Look at the different websites. If you cannot find any online courses, please contact your unemployment insurance fund and ask:

Furthermore, keep in mind that you are always able to ask your union or unemployment insurance fund if you have any questions about your work situation, job search, etc.


5. Practice Danish

You may also spend some time practicing your Danish skills as it increases your chances of getting a job in Denmark. If you only speak basic Danish it is still valuable for yourself in terms of understanding Danish but also valuable for an employers as you show that you are prioritize understanding Danish and the culture.

You can use different online platform such as:


6. Investigate what you can do with your education and seek information about companies

Are you speculating about what you will be doing with your education? Many students are speculating about this! However, now you might have the time to investigate your possibilities.

Here are some tools, which are useful in your search for inspiration and ideas:


6. Update your cv and LinkedIn profile

When you are not going to concerts or hanging out with friends many hours you may use some time to work on your cv and LinkedIn profile. By doing this, you are more prepared when you actually have to apply for an internship position or job search.

Here are some good guides and tips for your CV:

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to make one. If you have a profile look at it with critical eyes to see what can be improved.

Many employers are active on LinkedIn and will ask you to connect them on LinkedIn if you have spoken to them e.g. at a career fair.


As you can see, there is lots to do in these lockdown times. Decide what is valuable for you with the time and energy you have.

Take care and stay safe - Be alone but together online!