AAU Career

What is the next step?

AAU Career E-learning

How can I work on my career? What do I want? What can I? How do I build a good online career profile?

AAU Career E-learning

What is a job searching process like? What can I expect, and how will it be for me? What is effective? What are the norms?

In short about job search

How can I benefit from researching a company during my job search, and how do I make the process manageable and beneficial?


What defines a good question? How can I master the art of asking questions? How can questions help me create opportunities?

Asking questions

What does it mean to be networking? Do I have a network? And how can I improve my network so that it is beneficial both to me and to my network?


How can I create a professional LinkedIn profile, and how do I use it both during and after my studies to maximise the outcome?


Where can I find relevant jobs? Which jobsites can be a help? How else can I find inspiration for places to search for job and internships?

Where can I look for jobs?

How is unsolicited job search different? When is it an advantage to search for jobs unsolicited? What should I be aware of?

Unsolicited job search

Decode the job ad

How can I decode the job ad, so that it becomes easier for me to write a targeted application and CV that makes an impression on the recipient?

Decode the job ad

What's important to keep in mind when writing a job application, and how do I make sure that the langugage and structure I use is suitable?


How do I ensure that my CV has the right content and composition? How do I present myself in the best possible way though my CV?


How do I prepare myself for an up-coming job interview and which dos and don'ts should I be aware of during the interview?

Job interview

What are personality profiles and how are they used in a recruitment process? What should I keep in mind or be especially aware of?

Personality profiles

What is an assessment day? How do I prepare myself for it in the best possible way if it's part of the recruitment proces?

Assessment days

What is the tone and level of formality in a Danish workplace? How do I approach the management? And how about work-life balance in Denmark?

Danish workplace culture

What are the rules regarding work permit when I'm studying? And after I have grauated? Where do I learn more about work permit?

Work permit