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assessment days

Some companies use assessment days when hiring new employees. It is a sort of extended job interview.

On an assessment day, you will typically, together with other applicants, have to do various tasks and tests that can give the employer an idea of ​​how you are as an employee - e.g. how you collaborate with others and handle time pressure.

➡ What happens on assessment days differs a lot, depending on the type of job in question. Here, we will give you an impression of what to expect and what to prepare for.

What is an assessment day, and what is the purpose of it?

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    What is the purpose of an assessment day?

    For some jobs, an assessment day is a part of the recruitment process. Not nearly all processes contain assessment days.

    The purpose is often the same: Making the employer able to find the most fitting employee in this particular job.

    That can be done in many different ways but the assessment day setting gives the opportunity for the employer to see you in action as opposed to being told what you can do.

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    What are the ususal steps in a recruitment process?

    The assessment is never the first step in a recruitment process so to even be invited you need to do your homework.

    These are some of the preceding steps:

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    How do I prepare for the day?

    Prepare yourself just as you would prepare for a job interview.

    Get as much information as you can about the the day itself beforehand – that ensures the best preparation possible.

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    What other steps may there be?

    Other elements can also be part of the process.

    These could be e.g.:

    Your personal preferences is the basis of your answers to the personality profile.

    Logical thinking, on the other hand, is the focal point of the IQ test. Therefore, you must find some online examples of IQ tests to train your logical reasoning and just to get an idea of what to expect.

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    What happens on the day?

    The assessment day itself often focuses on teamwork and working under pressure.

    It is often a long and exhausting day. You will be observed and scrutinized during the day and that in itself creates a pressure – that is an undeniable circumstance of the day.

    The observers (the recruiters and maybe some future colleagues) will look for both the specific skills required to solve the tasks they face, and also your “soft” skillset:

    • How do you work with the other candidates?
    • Which role do you take?
    • How do you cope with pressure?

    They will do that by giving you a task that creates a pressure and a need for collaboration and taking action. That task can be everything from dismantling an imaginary bomb to simulating a specific more realistic situation where choices have to be made.

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    Is there an ordinary job interview on an assessment day?

    The assessment day also often contains an “ordinary” job interview – ordinary in the sense that it is a dialogue about you, the job, your competencies, mutual expectations etc. like a separate job interview. For that, you should prepare as you would have if it wasn’t part of an assessment day.


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