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Cooperating with companies in your semester projects is a good way to gain network, experience and insight in Danish work culture.

The company might already have a clear idea of what they would like you or your project group to work on, or you may present your own ideas of a project. You are not part of the daily work place; however, you will have a contact person(s) at the company that gives you information. Always consult your study program coordinator or supervisor to ensure the academic relevance!

Where to find project cooperation

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Cooperation can help to decrease barriers

"It is important to gain practical experience while studying because that gives you a great advantage when you graduate. Since it is very hard to find a student job in Aalborg, cooperating with businesses gives you a glimpse into how businesses operate, and also provides you the possibility to apply the skills you learned in a practical manner."

Aggi, Culture, Communication and Globalization, AAU

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