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Student job


A student job – not least a study relevant job – is extremely valuable to have on your CV.

Our surveys show that the competences you will receive from a student job are valued very much by employers. Many students experience that a student job may lead to a job in the same company.


Danish language skills are a must!

For international students it can be difficult to get a job due to lack of Danish language skills. Therefore, we strongly advise you to learn Danish at the language school. Find information at Aalborg Language School and IA Sprog Copenhagen.


attend the seminars to Prepare yourself

Many students look for jobs and have hard times finding one - also Danish students! Therefore, you need to make an effort and make sure that you understand how to describe your skills from former studies and jobs.

Participate in AAU Career's seminars where you will learn to understand Danish working culture, how to make your CV and cover letter, how to sell yourself at a job interview, etc.

If you wish to book a counselling where we advise you on your CV, etc., we expect that you first participate in the seminars to get the basic understanding jobseeking etc. in Denmark. This will ensure maximum output of the counselling. We also have several guides to help you prepare: CV, cover letter and job interview.


student job and su

If you are an EU citizen and you work 10 hours a week, you may be entitled to SU. Read more about the rules at su.dk.


FIND Your Student job

At AAU Jobbank solicited jobs are posted.

If you are considering unsolicited jobs, you can find a list for inspiration here.

Un-skilled Jobs

While many international students dream of getting a study-specific job during their studies in Denmark, it sometimes proves to be a challenging objective to reach – both to find it but also it can take a while to land it since there are many applicants.

If you are considering an unskilled job, you can find some advice and inspiration here.