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Entrepreneurship as a career

As an international student, you may feel an extra need to boost your career opportunities.

One way could be by acquiring basic entrepreneurial skills. As a student at AAU, you can strengthen your professional profile by participating in events and workshops. They provide you with a set of skills that are in demand in the labor market.

AAU also offers students entrepreneurship guidance in its Innovation Hubs for you and your fellow students if you have entrepreneurial ideas and dream of creating a startup of your own on the side while studying.

Entrepreneurship is very much about making your way from idea to concept, but you will never walk alone. Whichever aspect of entrepreneurship that appeals to you, there will be a strong and consistent element of hands-on experience and teamwork.

AAU Student Entrepreneurship is here to help you.

Take a hands-on innovation angle on your area of study

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    What is entrepreneurship?

    Entrepreneurship is all about creating new solutions to challenges, which will benefit others. An entrepreneurial approach to creating new solutions to a problem or challenge is often characterized by creativity, proactivity, opportunity and innovation: Who has a problem, how are they affected by the problem and how can the problem be solved?

    Suggestions for solutions may develop into a potential business concept. In that case the next step may be to create a startup. However, adopting entrepreneurial approaches may also give you new perspectives on your studies because they harmonize well with AAU's problem-based model.

    AAU offers a number of events and courses, which are aimed at students who seek entrepreneurial skills in order to build on their profiles and at students who are specifically interested in creating startups.

    See AAU's entrepreneurship activities for students

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    How does entrepreneurship add to my professional profile?

    Give yourself a career boost by becoming part of AAU's startup community.

    If you are looking for a hands-on innovation angle on your area of study, AAU's entrepreneurship activities may be just right for you.

    You acquire innovation tools that you may test by creating a startup or by practicing your understanding of innovation potential and innovation processes in an established company.

    Add these coveted competencies to your CV:

    • The ability to have and develop ideas
    • Methods to qualify the ideas
    • Practical knowledge about the processes necessary to bring ideas to life

    Along the way, you will create new relationships with students across AAU. A group of mentors, who are business people committed to sharing their network and experience, are available to the students in the startup community at AAU . Expanding your professional network of contacts early, may also benefit your job search upon graduation.


    Read about entrepreneurship to boost your cv

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    How may entrepreneurial skills benefit me as a student?

    In an entrepreneurship course, you can bring your professionalism into play and experience how it adds value in the interaction with students from other fields of study.

    At the personal level, participants emphasize that they feel a higher degree of self-confidence and personal impact to the benefit of their lives as students overall.

    Students who have participated in entrepreneurship activities at AAU emphasise that they have acquired skills that they have successfully applied to their studies and have gained new motivation for their study work. In addition, the activities introduce some basic business economics tools that are useful to know of regardless of education.

    Students tell how they benefit of their entrepreneurial skills

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    Can I integrate an entrepreneural course in my AAU education?

    Have you developed an exciting business idea on the basis of your field of study? And would you like to work on it full time? Or are you curious about what it is like to be an entrepreneur and be a part of the dynamic entrepreneurial community at AAU?

    This is possible in the Startup in Practice program, which allows you to enroll for an internship in your own startup or in one of AAU's many startups.Whichever course you choose, you will have the opportunity to combine your knowledge with business creation and innovation.

    Read about startup in practice

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    How can I take part in the entrepreneurship activities at AAU?

    AAU Student Entrepreneurship offers a number of afternoon and evening events open for all students as well as some qualifying activities that you can follow alongside your studies. Explore the possibilities of combining your business project with your semester project work.

    Their business developers are available on campus, close to you, ready to meet you for a chat about how to get started with entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship - what does it mean?

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    What is required of me to become an entrepreneur?

    To become an entrepreneur requires that you meet and work with others. AAU Student Entrepreneurship would like to help you get started on creating the best foundation for your entrepreneurial idea.

    You are very welcome to contact one of their business developers and set up an informal meeting about your options.

    Contact the business developers

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    Is my field of study suitable for entrepreneurship?

    All disciplines are suitable for entrepreneurship. No matter what field of study you come from, an entrepreneurial mindset not only benefits your entrepreneurial dreams, but also makes you an attractive profile on the labor market.

    AAU Student Entrepreneurship's activities encourage all AAU students, regardless of academic background, to seek out an element of entrepreneurship, of shorter or longer duration, during their education. Students, who have participated in entrepreneurship activities, state that they have successfully applied the tools in semester projects. E.g. to redefine the approaches to analysis and chosen methods. This has strengthened the problem formulation and the conclusion.

    Becoming an entrepreneur is about being

    • Creative
    • Proactive
    • Opportunity-oriented
    • Innovative

    See all entrepreneurship activities for AAU students

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    Can I become an entrepreneur without a business idea?

    You can become part of AAU's entrepreneurial community for students without a business idea of you own.

    By joining Join-a-team you can offer your skills to an established AAU startup team.

    You will be matched up with a startup suitable to your competencies and will get to work with entrepreneurship in a dynamic environment with other students, who share your enthusiasm.

    Offer your competencies to an AAU startup

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    Where can I get help for entrepreneurship outside of AAU?

    If you are almost at the end of your studies, and would like to explore entrepreneurship as a potential career, AAU Student Entrepreneurship can guide you to the relevant entrepreneurship activities available to you upon graduation.

    Programs with varied requirements are open to international entrepreneurs under varied conditions.

    Contact AAU Student Entrepreneurship for more information

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    What are the financial conditions about starting your own business?

    There are many individual financial factors to consider regarding the creation of a startup. It may be difficult to get the full picture on your own.

    If you become part of one of AAU's entrepreneurship programs, you will be guided through the relevant financial aspects of starting a business. For example how to get ready to apply for funding.

    If you start a company that generates revenue while you are a student there are rules you should be aware of in order not to lose your benefits.

    If you are about to graduate from AAU, AAU Student Entrepreneurship can advise you on relevant entrepreneurial support programs and about your entrepreneurial options.

    guidance about your financial situation

Where can I find more information about entrepreneurship?

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