AAU Career

What can I do while studying?

Why should I attend career fairs? How do I prepare? What should I talk to the employers about? And how do I follow up afterwards?

Career fairs

How does a project written in collaboration with a company differ from a regular one? And how can my career benefit from the  collaboration?

Project collaboration

Why should I do a project oriented course with a company? And how can the internship become my way into the job market?

Project oriented course (internship)

Why is it a good idea for me to get a student job during my education, and how can a study relevant job affect my future career opportunities?

Student job

How can volunteer work give me relevant experience and competencies? Can it improve my chances of getting a job when I graduate?

Volunteer work

Why should I apply to become a 'Young Professional'? How can it improve my understandig of Denmark and help me get a job?

Young professionals in Denmark