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Volunteering is a great way to get settled in Denmark and to get new people.

If you can't find a relevant study-specific student job, volunteering can also be the key to gaining valuable experience on your CV.

Volunteer work is highly valued in Denmark. Many employers look for candidates with a global mindset, experience and leadership skills – not just a university diploma. And these are things you can gain from volunteering.

There are lots of opportunities if you want to start volunteering.

➡ Here, we explain to you how volunteering is part of Danish culture, as well as where to look if you ready to try it out.


Volunteering - why and how?

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    How does volunteering improve my career opportunities?

    Volunteer work is great to add to your cv. If you have a hard time getting a student job, this could give you the experience you need. And it’s most often fun and inspirational!

    When you volunteer you:

    • Broaden your network
    • Obtain experience – maybe even study relevant
    • Learn a lot about yourself
    • Make an impact on the people and the world around you
    • Practice your language skills
    • Increase your employability


    Though your volunteer work you could gain relevant experience in e.g.:

    • Project management
    • Organising events
    • Marketing

    The sky is the limit – you just have to find the right place to volunteer. Often, you might even get the chance to specialise and do tasks that you find exciting.

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    How is volunteering a part of Danish culture?

    Associations play a major role in the Danish culture. Almost all Danes are part of an association in order to promote and pursue their interest.

    It could e.g. be:

    • Coaching kids playing handball
    • Organising a music festival
    • Helping a humanitarian secondhand shop with branding strategy
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    Where can I volunteer?

    Student organisations

    Aalborg University have many student organisations where you will get new friends (and network).


    Find the student organisations at AAU



    The International Houses in Denmark provide a broader list of private, public and volunteer organizations that organize and run social and cultural events for Danish and international residents in the region:


    Volunteer job sites

    You will find volunteer positions at:

    You have to write an application and a CV and if possible hand it in personally.

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    Does my volunteer work inflict on my benefits when I graduate?

    Make sure to read the rules and what you need to be aware of when graduating. Ask the jobcentre or your unemployment insurance fund.

    As a rule, time spent working – paid or unpaid – will be deducted from your benefits.

    The only exception is voluntary unpaid work in NGOs, associations or clubs that do not exist primarily to generate a profit, e.g.

    • Helping in a soup kitchen
    • Volunteering at the local archives
    • Taking part in amateur theatre

    Your unemployment insurance fund has different rules about how many hours you can work – ask them.

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