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Young Professionals in Denmark

Is it your goal to stay in Denmark after graduation? Young Professionals in Denmark might just be the programme for you!

Through the course of 1 year you will gain insight into the Danish labour market and working culture, meet Danish employers and learn how to land a full-time job in Denmark after graduating.

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Boost your career in Denmark

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    What is The Young Professionals in Denmark Programme?

    For international students at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen

    The Young Professionals in Denmark Programme (previously Youth Goodwill Ambassadors) is for international students in Denmark.

    About 40 international students from Aalborg University in Aalborg, Esbjerg or Copenhagen are part of the programme each year.

    The programme lasts 1 year – from September until June.


    The programme offers:

    • A global network of 1000 international students and young professionals from more than 70 countries
    • Participation in job matchmaking activities, such as the International Talent Conferences
    • Tools that teaches you how to brand yourself towards future employers
    • Expansion of your professional network
    • Advice and inspiration for your future career in Denmark – locally and nationally
    • Your “own” career counsellor who can assist you in your future career


    The Young Professionals Programme in Denmark is a collaboration with 7 other major Danish universities and external partners at Copenhagen Capacity.

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    Why should I apply?

    As a part of the programme, you will:

    • Gain insight into the Danish labour market and working culture
    • Learn how to land a full-time job in Denmark after graduating


    During your time as a Young Professional, you will participate in:

    • Courses
    • Workshops
    • Company visits
    • Career fairs
    • Network gatherings


    You will learn each step of job search in Denmark:

    • the initial stages of the job search
    • CV and application
    • LinkedIn
    • networking
    • how to communicate competencies 
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    How do I apply?

    Next application deadline is in December 2022.

    Application for young professionals in denmark

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    Who can apply?

    We are looking for members who believe that Denmark is a unique and attractive work and study destination.


    To apply you must fulfil these requirements:

    • Non-Danish full-time master's degree student
    • Studying at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Esbjerg or Copenhagen

    If you are an exchange student, you are unfortunately not eligible to apply.


    These factors are important in the selection criteria:

    • Your motivation for pursuing career opportunities in Denmark during and after your studies
    • Your current field of study
    • Previous work experience
    • Language skills

    We expect you to participate in the monthly events.

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    Where do I learn more?

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