Young Professionals in Denmark


Become a Young Professional in Denmark and boost your career in Denmark

For international students at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen

The Young Professionals in Denmark Programme (priviously Youth Goodwill Ambassadors) helps international students in Denmark gain insights into the Danish labour market and working culture, and provides you with the professional tools to land a full-time job in Denmark after graduating.


Who can apply?

To join the Young Professionals Programme, you must be a non-Danish full-time master's degree student at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Esbjerg or Copenhagen.

If you are an exchange student, you are unfortunately not eligible to apply.

30 students are selected at Aalborg University.

Make sure that your motivation letter, CV, video ect. show the very best of you – consider this a job application where you also need to be professional. Please state clearly if you are studying at Aalborg, Esbjerg or Copenhagen campus!

NB: You cannot be part of the Global Growth Agent programme at International House, Aalborg, at the same time. Young Professionals is an international network, whereas Global Growth Agent is more local - however, you meet local companies in both programmes.


Top reasons to join

  • Join a global network of 800 international fellow students and young professionals from more than 70 countries.
  • Participate in job matchmaking activities and learn how to brand yourself towards future employers. During the programme you will have the possibility to join events both hosted by Copenhagen Capacity and your Danish university. Twice a year we host the International Talent Conferences.
  • Expand your professional network through meetings with leading companies in Denmark.
  • Participate in international talent conferences and get advice on and inspiration for your future career in Denmark.
  • Be part of a professional fellow student network where you benefit from each other’s knowledge and strengths.
  • Get access to your “own” career counsellor who can assist you in your future career.


Selection criteria

We are looking for members who believe that Denmark is a unique and attractive work and study destination.

Selection for the programme is based mostly on your motivation for pursuing career opportunities in Denmark during and after completing your studies but we also consider things like your current field of study, previous work experience and language skills.

We expect you to participate in the monthly events.


How long will i be part of the programme?

If you are accepted in end of September you will be part of the programme until end of June. Therefore, it is most valuable for you if you are doing your studies and having time to attend the events - i.e. not doing an internship.


How to apply

Deadline 23 september 2018

Apply at 


Learn more

Read more about the Young Professionals in Denmark at

Watch films about being part of the Young Professionals/Youth Goodwill Ambassadors at YouTube


Opportunities few other students will have

"Young Professionals in Denmark gave me a network of ambitious and friendly students and opportunities that few other students will ever have. The company visits and conferences put you in the same room with leaders from some of the most successful and innovative companies. I enjoyed the career-development events as much as the informal dinners with the other Young Professionals."

Alexis Rhyner, Development and International Relations

International Talent Conference

unique opportunities for my professional development

"Next to trainings about how to hold an elevator pitch and how to prepare a Danish CV, the Talent Conferences in Aarhus and Copenhagen were some of the highlights. Young Professionals in Denmark is a really great opportunity to expand the network and to get introduced to the Danish labour market."

Daniela, Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, AAU

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